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Temporary system change 10 to 9

Untill 17.3.12 we will run with system 11 and 9 instead of system 11 and 10 …. back to normal ater that ( the 8 is out of system 10 )

Lotto numbers for Brockman syndicate remain the same each week. (Subject to change.)

The lotto email is still till further notice.

We do  a system 10 and a system 11 each saturday.

System 10 :1/3/5/8/15/19/22/25/36/40

System 11 : 4/7/11/13/20/23/29/34/35/41/43

Hello world!

Welcome to Dooley202. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

New website

This is Dooley’s website, and this is just to test stuff.